My practice specializes in preparing expert business income (profits) loss, inventory loss valuations, and employee dishonesty reports in support of the claim to your insurance company.


Many insureds simply rely on their own accountant who provides their bookkeeping, audit, or tax services to prepare their loss claims.  However, calculating business interruption losses requires specialized techniques and analysis, an objective mindset, as well as a strong understanding of your insurance policy, all of which is possessed by a forensic accountant .  By relying on your own accountant, you may not end up claiming what you deserve.


It is standard industry practice that your insurance company will assign their own accountant to calculate your loss.  Depending on your professional fees coverage, you are also entitled to retain your own experienced forensic accountant at no cost to you, who will consider your best interests.


If your insurance company’s accountant does prepare a loss calculation, it may not be a fair representation of your loss, which is why it is important to ask for my assistance to review this report on your behalf.


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